MAY 16, 1986

The Events of May 16, 1986

On May 16, 1986, the little town of Cokeville, Wyoimng faced a life-changing event that rocked it's peace and security as a man and his wife held hostage 154 children, teachers, and visitors in the community's sole elementary school.


The story shocked the nation as a whole school was forced into a crowded classroom. The bomb did detonate. Although many were burned, some severely, only the perpetrators of this horrible incident died. One of the miracles that day was that not a single person was lost.


"Something was in there and that samething changed everything." - Rich Haskell, Sweetwater County Bomb Technician


"If you don't believe there was Divine Intervention, then you wern't there that day." Scott Miller, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


"Each year I celebrate two birthdays. The first is August 16th the day of my physical birth, and the second is the day I call my spiritual birth, it is the day I truly celebrate my life, and it is May 16th. " - Amy Bagaso Williams, Fifth Grade Student Survivor


First hand accounts taken from: Witness to Miracles - Remembering The Cokeville Elementary School Bombing


What does Cokeville Miracle Foundation owe Survivors?

1. Respect. Time and their personal story

2. Trust. We will continue to treat Survivors and their stories as sacred

3. Protect. Never grant any outside entity use of "Witness to Miracles" quotes, without Survivor permission


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